Centre for Studies of the Male Condition

A Private, Independent Organization
Dedicated to promoting changes in the lifestyle, behaviour, and health of males.

Comprised of mental health and education professionals seeking to stimulate male life schemes which, viewed from an ethical perspective of solidarity and gender respect, are democratic, non-violent, egalitarian, and free of everyday discrimination.

These life schemes are guided towards the search for shared well-being. (Self) criticism of the hierarchical and egocentrical traditional masculine model is necessary to achieve this life scheme.

Created in Madrid in 1993 and aimed at:

- Males that feel they need a change.
- Professionals interested in issues related to males and masculinity
- Women in conflict with men that won’t change.
-Everyone who believes that a space for meeting and exchanging ideas about the male condition, and how it’s changing, could promote the enrichment and construction of new models of relating




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